How Can I apply?
You can submit the form by clicking Apply Now or via phone 0800 666 829
How long will it take to get the decision?
We aim to get the decision within 30 minutes; however, in certain cases, it can take longer than that.
What Information do I need to supply?
After getting your personal and financial information to access the application, we might ask you for the proof of your identity, income and address.
How much can I borrow?
It depends on affordability (income – expenses). Call us, and we will do an affordability check.
Do I need a deposit?
Not Necessarily, we can finance 100% value as well. Only, in certain scenarios, the finance companies might ask for some deposit.
Can I buy a vehicle privately?
Yes, you can buy from a dealer or privately. We will arrange finance for any car.
What are the interest rates?
Interest rates usually depend on the strength of the application. Before you sign a credit contract, we will disclose the interest rates and other charges.
I have bad credit, can I get a loan?
It depends on the size and nature of the default that you have. There is no harm in applying with us, we will access the application and let you know the outcome asap, and you are still not bound for anything.

Feel Free To Ask Us a Question

Please email your questions at montay@montayfinance.co.nz or call us at 0800 MONTAY (666 829)