Credit Contract Indemnity

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Borrowing money (credit) has never been more freely available than it is today. It enables us to choose and buy the things we want, when we want, and enjoy life. When you borrow money, you agree to repay it at a specific rate and over a certain period. However, things can change over time, and whilst you may be fit and healthy today, with a steady income and a secure future, unexpected events can quickly change your situation.

Credit Contract Indemnity  new zealand
Credit Contract Indemnity  new zealand

Montay Finance recommends Provident Credit Contract Indemnity, which covers you and your family if you suffer financial loss due to being off work due to accident, illness, redundancy, suspension, business interruption, bankruptcy or hospitalisation. It also has a life-cover benefit to pay the outstanding balance of your credit contract in the event of death. With Credit Contract Indemnity, you can relax knowing the money you borrow today can be repaid should the unexpected happen.

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