In Italian, Montay means Mountain.

A mountain that will stand firmly behind you while we get you the funds you are after and beyond that as well.  Montay assures every client, a memorable experience


Finance can be tricky – with its numerous fine prints. At Montay Finance, you will get transparency and open communication with all fine prints clearly explained.  So, you make the best decision based upon full disclosure


With 13 years of experience, Montay Finance engages men and women with rich experience, knowledge and talent. We specialize in a myriad of Finance and Insurance solutions

Why us?

We work for you and aim to get every application approved at the lowest possible interest rate from a big range of financiers. Our association with many finance companies makes it easier for us to negotiate the best deal for you


Quality means the world to us. Our small, dedicated team is always focused on getting the best possible deals in the shortest amount of time for our clients


You as customer, are our eyes and ears on the ground.  Your feedback is critical to keep us motivated and, on our toes, so that we make sure we offer the best service to all our clients. Email or call us at 0800 MONTAY (666 829)


We are a member of Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), which is an independent approved disputed resolution scheme